Austin Hughes


Quality reliable Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to suit all your requirements. Basic, metered, intelligent PDUs in single or three phase. Coloured or dual feed PDUs enable clear differentiation of primary and redundant power feeds within the rack. Our comprehensive PDU range is complimented with ATS ( Automatic Transfer Switches ) and In-Line Meter providing all the power management solutions you require.


Intelligent rack PDUs provide IT staff the ability to monitor the power consumption of any given server, storageunit or other IT device, which is helpful to identify those that are underutilized or identify those that areapproaching or exceeding their normal high range of usage. There is also the ability to monitor and control thedata center power load at the facility level.

An intelligent rack power distribution unit can be controlled remotely via a Web browser or command line interface (CLI). It meters power at both the PDU level and the individual outlet level; supports alerts based on user-defined thresholds; provides security in the form of passwords, authentication, authorization and encryption;and incorporates rich environmental management capabilities.