HITEC Power Protection operates from its head office and manufacturing facility located in Almelo, The Netherlands, with regional support centers in the USA and Asia Pacific, and a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. The company’s global coverage is further enhanced by a network of top-tier distributors, agents and representatives who enable the company to service equipment and support customers around the world.

Since 1894, HITEC has been designing notable power innovations. In 1956 they conceived and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today. In 1969, HITEC combined the rotating filter concept with a kinetic energy module and diesel generator to introduce the first-ever Dynamic UPS.

Over the course of the next 30 years, HITEC has continued to introduce more sophisticated equipment capable of supporting larger loads. With a single unit capacity of 3.6 MVA, HITEC has the largest and most powerful dynamic UPS systems on the market today. And in 2015, HITEC introduced the PowerPRO product range which offers unrivaled efficiency, space, and operating cost savings. Today, the PowerPRO is considered the market’s ultimate Dynamic UPS system.


Uninterruptible services are paramount to ensure data processing and facility reliability needed to deliver an estimated 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data created every day. Needless to say, if the lights are out, the data is not flowing. That’s why the world’s largest internet and cloud companies turn to HITEC to ensure their mission-critical operations continue to process and export data.

HITEC understands that every installation presents unique challenges, so our engineers specifically designed solutions for each individual installation. Based on decades of experience, we provide cost-effective, highly reliable, uninterrupted power to promise the ever-present flow of data is achieved.

HITEC has the industry’s best reputation for serving the semiconductor industry with UPS solutions that offer clean power in areas where the grid is unstable. This allows wafer production to continue and supply-chain demands to be met.


Power is not a constant. This statement is known all too well in areas where the power grid is limited in reach or areas where the local utility experiences constant faults. Feeling this pain are companies involved with the global supply chain, as they have a particular need for continuous, uninterrupted power.

The fact is semiconductor processes are driven by electrical loads that are difficult for standard UPS equipment to support. HITEC’s Dynamic UPS systems are designed to condition and provide power to sustain electrical loads, and ensure unstable grid conditions never impact productivity quotas.

HITEC systems support the entire wafer manufacturing process. They ensure that power is clean and stable, that humidity and temperature remain constant and that the entire production environment remains sterile and hermetically sealed at a continuous positive pressure. Any variation in these vital parameters will cause the 27 day wafer production cycle to be interrupted and the entire batch to be scrapped at huge financial cost.

Hitec Dynamic UPS photo


In the 1950s, HITEC engineers leveraged kinetic energy to invent the first uninterruptible power supply that didn’t use chemical storage, and the Dynamic UPS industry was born. There has been an ongoing debate ever since as to which is really the better method for storing energy in UPS applications, batteries or kinetic energy?

Batteries established a firm foothold for many decades because they offered a shorter time to market and higher production volume. Used in Static UPS systems, batteries are often selected over their kinetic counterparts due to a perception that they provide cost-effective protection at all load levels. Many companies therefore often put their stamp of approval on procuring a Static UPS system without fully considering the total cost of ownership and the tangible benefits that a Dynamic UPS system can bring to their business.

As pioneers in this industry, we have seen numerous power storage approaches come and go, and over the last 60 years our hands-on experience and technology knowledge has created a UPS system that offers far superior power conditioning and power protection over battery based UPS systems.



The PowerPRO Series is the culmination of 60 years of manufacturing and engineering experience. HITEC has created the industry’s best UPS solution derived from real-world customer feedback on usability, design, size, life cycle, and cost. Based on this feedback, HITEC has brought to market a Dynamic UPS product family that is specifically tailored to address the industry’s many diverse power needs.

Hitec delivers products that address 400 kVA to 3000 kVA in the 50 Hz market and from 450 kVA to 3600 kVA in a single unit for the 60 Hz markets, Hitec’s critical power solutions for our clients range in size from 400 kVA to 50 MVA and we can go higher.

Our newest UPS series combines the elements of energy storage and energy transfer into one compact unit — a module known as the KEM (Kinetic Energy Module). This space-efficient module design provides a high-quality energy storage option that is highly reliable and simpler to maintain due to a built-in condition monitoring and an automatic lubrication system. In addition, HITEC has simplified the installation, with prefabricated cabling & connectors. This means that installation is simple and more reliable.

Why choose PowerPRO over other dynamic suppliers?

When it comes to choosing a partner, consider these facts:

  • HITEC is the inventor and manufacturer of Dynamic UPS technology
  • HITEC has leveraged over 60 years of Dynamic UPS experience and developed the largest and smallest capacity UPS units to match the industry’s ever-changing needs.
  • HITEC PowerPRO series is the most cost-effective Dynamic UPS concept on the market.
  • HITEC professionals have built fully customizable solutions to meet unique installation challenges around the world.
  • HITEC engineers have the vast knowledge and experience to offer support that surpasses any other company’s claim.

Alternatives are available, but the choice is simple, when it comes to choosing a partner you can rely on for the life of your UPS system it must be: HITEC Power Protection.