SENSAPHONE Water Detection System
Sensaphone L8500 - 1

Sensaphone 8500 Liquid Leakage Alarm System

Sensaphone 8500 panel can be used for the leak protection of server rooms / technical service areas. Main application areas including: underfloor chilled water pipe, overhead fan coil units, hot water radiator units, sump tanks, drip trays, etc.

The system allows immediate detection of conductive (water, acid or alkaline) or non-conductive (hydrocarbon fuel or organic solvent) by applying different type of liquid sensing cables.


Local Indicators

  • Audible alert and LED visual indicators are available during an alarm to notify users the monitored conditions.

Safe Operations

  • Sensaphone 8500 has plenty of space for wiring inside the plastic enclosure, no connection exposes to the outside environment, this promotes safe operation and a tidy environment.

2 Relay Outputs

  • Two relay outputs are available, the leakage relay and the fault relay (power failure and cable break).

Simple and User Friendly

  • Simple wiring, equipped with tactile button to provide users a better hands on experience.